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Full Version: Your penis size does not matter in sex Recommend By Escort Backpage Vegas
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1) lasting time- The most important factor in sex is the amount of time you lasted i.e, sex is not just about ejaculation rather sexual pleasure, orgasm, playfulness matters a lot so try to last a little bit longer and for that when you feels highly excited between sex, just take a break of a minute or two by kissing and flirty teasing which not only makes your partner feel more pleasure in sex but also build your ability to lasting long in sex.

2) Mental stimulation- Mental stimulation plays a great role when it comes to pleasure as sex is not about just physical activity, a proper pleasurable sex depends on proper mental stimulation like be funny, be compassionate, make her laugh, which makes your partner feel good about you and them both. So for better sex take your mental stimulation on work.
In short, Does penis size matters for sex?  The answer to that question is no your penis size does not matter in sex, what does matter is how you stimulate your partner by making your sexual activity pleasurable and enthusiastic

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